Business Management Consulting

Does it feel like your business is running you instead of the other way around? People, processes, products, promotion,–managing all of it is hard work! You may be a manager on the move, looking to launch your company into even greater success. If not, we may be the help you’re looking for. Vet Biz Trans can aid you using a sophisticated quality management system based on the ISO 9001 format. Focusing on overall system integration, we provide strategic planning, business systems analysis, and project management.

Marketing Consulting

Having trouble getting in touch with more customers? Are you getting nothing but cold calls with no follow ups? Marketing has everything to do with building relationships. If you’re struggling to make the connections you want, or you have decided you want to expand to the next level, we’ll take you there. You may benefit from fresh market research, creative applications of current products and services, strategic teaming arrangements, or a number of other approaches. From simple evaluation and strategy sessions to heading up large-scale business expansion, your goals will guide us in getting you results.

Maritime Consulting

Decades of experience in the ship repair business and in partnering with a vast array of local, national and global maritime companies give us the insider knowledge to give you an edge. Our consulting network includes maritime attorneys, inspectors, investigators, and environmental specialists.

Business Turn-Around Consulting

If the water’s rising fast, don’t jump ship yet. Talk to us first! We have a proven track record in turning around businesses, even those on the brink of bankruptcy. A recent turn-around included adding new revenue sources, implementing new systems in several critical internal processes, identifying and closing revenue leaks, and creating strategies to address old receivables and tax debt. For a business with several years of losses on the books, a $1M increase in gross sales and solid profitablity was something to celebrate!
Your process of turn-around and transformation will be unique to you. We’ll help you identify hidden assets, secure needed funding, and develop sound strategies. Move forward into the black, and beyond into reliable profitability.